Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Genève / Geneva by INNERCITYOGA

Founded in 2002, INNERCITYOGA® yoga center has been offering for many years the highly acclaimed foundational 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Genève / Geneva.

For the upcoming teacher training, the entire documentation has been reviewed to help you progress in your learning process. Both, the 200-hours and the advanced 300-hours (for graduates of a 200h program) Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings are certified by Yoga Alliance.
Your lead teacher brings in the experience of 25+ such trainings.
Most teachers leading classes at INNERCITYOGA® did graduate from this highly acclaimed program. With this program, graduates of the Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training get all tools necessary to start teaching smaller classes safely.

INNERCITYOGA®'s Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Genève / Geneva: Tested and Proven

This foundational 200-hour program is ideal for serious students of yoga and aspiring teachers, regardless wether you plan to teach one day or simply are interested in deepening your knowledge and understanding of yoga.


Turning your passion into your profession is one of the most satisfying and life-affirming journeys that is. The Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training offers a comprehensive and complete system that prepares you for launching your teaching career. It is the perfect foundation that provides new teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to start teaching while respecting the students' safety and building your own voice. You do learn to teach the basics of most major yoga styles.
Your INNERCITYOGA® Deep Flow Yoga RYT 200-hour training diploma is certified by Yoga Alliance and will be recognized and respected by yoga studios worldwide.


Half of our graduates of past trainings took the training out of personal interest to deepen their knowledge of yoga without expressing any plans to pursue a teaching career. Taking the training is an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge, and understanding of the traditional yoga practice.
Again, you will find the program benificial to your personal growth and benefit tremendously from the blend between eastern and western cultures.

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